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In most cases, prosthetic eyes can be completed in either one “all day” session, or in two shorter visits. Patients that require a scleral shell prosthesis (generally, a prosthesis fit over a blind eye) may require an additional visit to receive a temporary trial shell.
Please call our office (1-800-523-4314) to schedule a free consultation before scheduling to have a prosthesis made.
In most cases we will require a prescription from a medical doctor before fitting a new prosthetic eye. It is recommended that all patients have an annual check-up visit. As part of the check-up, we will clean and polish the prosthetic eye. Pediatric Patients are one of our specialties. Younger children (up to age 7) should visit our office every six months. Sometimes this will be a routine check-up, and sometimes we will need to enlarge the child’s prosthesis due to growth of the bony orbit and face.

Anophthalmia/microphthalmia, a condition where a child is born without an eye, or an underdeveloped eye, is another specialty of our company. We will work with your child’s ophthalmologist to devise the best treatment plan.
It is important to begin fitting the child at an early age (one-month old is typical) and continue with frequent visits, especially during the first year of life.

T&B Foundation - makes "patient pouches" for RB kid's doctors visits. TandBfoundation.org

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Insertion & Removal of the Artificial Eye

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